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If you’re selling or putting your house or flat to let you’ll need an energy performance certificate (EPC), which confirms how energy-efficient your property is. Find out about EPC costs, the EPC register and how to get an EPC for your home.

What is an EPC?

An EPC is a certificate that shows how energy-efficient your property is. The document includes estimated energy costs, as well as a summary of your home’s energy performance-related features.

EPCs also include recommendations on measures that would make your home more energy-efficient, along with estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings you could make.

What Does a Domestic Acsesor do?

Property Inspection

Inspects your property, finds out the age of your home, the number of storeys, building type, your heating and hot water systems.


Makes notes on the number of corridors, width and size, the number of radiators and fireplaces and the number and size of windows.


Finds out whether the property has cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, double glazing and to assess the quality of such provision.


This information is then entered into the Domestic Energy Assessors computer software programme, which will then produce your home with an energy efficiency rating and an EPC.

Not sure if you need an EPC?

It’s the seller’s or landlord’s responsibility to arrange an EPC, but it’s still important that you as the buyer or tenant see and understand the certificate. Using the register’s EPC page, you can search for a property’s energy performance certificate by postcode. This is useful for looking up your own certificate, or for finding the certificate of a property you are considering moving into.

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