Birmingham Selective Licence Announcement

We are pleased to bring your attention to a significant regulatory change that will impact landlords in Birmingham. The forthcoming Birmingham Selective Licence is set to be implemented on 5th June 2023. As your trusted property management agency, we believe it is crucial to keep you informed about the latest developments that may affect your properties.

Under the new Birmingham Selective Licence, private landlords renting out properties in specific areas of the city will be required to obtain a license from the local council. This license is mandatory, and failure to acquire it may result in severe penalties.

How Much Does A License Cost?

The scheme is scheduled to commence on 5th June 2023, with a deadline for landlords to apply for a license no later than 4th September 2023. Each license will cost £700 per property and remain valid for five years. It is important to note that failing to obtain a license could lead to fines of up to £20,000 or prosecution.

Which Birmingham Wards Are Included In Selective Licensing?

The 25 wards that will be affected by this scheme have been confirmed as follows:

  1. Aston
  2. Bordesley Green
  3. Birchfield
  4. Lozells and East Handsworth
  5. Nechells
  6. Soho
  7. South Yardley
  8. Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East
  9. Springfield
  10. Washwood Heath
  11. Hodge Hill
  12. Ladywood
  13. Perry Barr
  14. Selly Oak
  15. Weoley Castle
  16. Acocks Green
  17. Brandwood and King’s Heath
  18. Hall Green North
  19. Hall Green South
  20. Moseley and Kings Heath
  21. Shard End
  22. Sheldon
  23. Stechford and Yardley North
  24. Tyburn
  25. Yardley West and Stechford

If you are unsure about the ward in which your property is located, please use the following link to verify: []

Are There Any Exemptions?

Please note that there are some exemptions to the scheme, which include:

  1. Properties already covered by a Mandatory HMO Licence
  2. Properties already licensed under an Additional Licensing Scheme
  3. Properties operated by Registered Social Landlords
  4. Properties occupied by tenants who are employees of the landlord or a family member of the landlord and are not paying rent.

To apply for the Birmingham Selective Licence, please visit the following link: []

Before applying for a license, you will need to gather the following documents and information:

  1. Name and contact details of anyone with an interest in the property, such as the owner, freeholder, or mortgage company.
  2. Date of birth of the prospective license holder.
  3. Floor plan of the property, including measurements of all rooms and their positions (e.g., ground floor left, first floor front right).
  4. Current electricity installation inspection and test certificate.
  5. Most recent gas safety certificate, if applicable.
  6. Debit or credit card for payment of the license fee.

As your property management agency, we will be working closely with the local council to ensure that all our properties comply with the new scheme. We will stay updated with any changes and provide you with timely information.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the new Birmingham Selective Licence, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and ensure that your properties fully comply with all the latest regulations.

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